Raised in the Caribbean, Dounne was born a severely premature baby with a life expectancy of only one month. Thankfully her grandmother's strong faith, intuition, herbal knowledge and tender loving care enabled her to survive against the odds. Under the watchful eye of her grandmother, she learnt as a child many valuable life lessons - steeped in the selfless tradition of sharing information in which to benefit others.

Dounne was also fortunate to experience an amazing quality of life obtained through living in a pollution free environment; on a rich diet of natural foods, good old fashioned home-cooking; home-made herbal remedies and in the spiritual belief that the 'universal creator' has provided adequately and abundantly for all our health needs through nature. This was the blue-print that has shaped her life.

In 1995, after healing herself and dog (Zara) from CANCER, when medical help offered ‘no hope’ of survival... this heart-wrenching experience turned Dounne’s life around to embark upon a 12 year spiritual journey of self-discovery, empowerment & HOPE.

Researching the ‘health & life enhancing benefits of Natural Foods’, she unearthed incredible ‘self healing’ practices which now looks set to become one of the biggest breakthroughs in overall healthcare for both humans and animals.

This was the inspiration behind her ‘Joining Hands In Health’ awareness campaign, to share the ancient secrets which restored her health - plus other amazing recovery stories, in the hope of encouraging everyone back to basics, and to also take responsibility for their own health

Dounne says: “Like the tens-of-thousands who die prematurely, I too could have been just another annual death statistic - if left solely in the hands of the current healthcare system”. My ultimate dream is to revolutionize 21st Century Healthcare by taking Food & Medicine to the next level; join forces with the National Health

The Founder

Health Service, doctors, health practitioners and carers, to provide cost effective healthcare solutions, as well as integrate animal health and welfare."

Dounne's Profile in brief

In 2000 - Dounne’s contributions are stored in the British National Library as part of the Millennium History Archives.

In 2007 honoured by the Queen with the MBE For her outstanding services to the British Food Industry.

In 2008 her herbal products were approved by the Public Health Minister for use in hospitals and hospices.

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'JHIH' - also aims to raise awareness for the 'ACLT' and the 'Rainbow Trust'.


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